UC Irvine Chancellor's ADVANCE Postdoctoral Fellowship

Current Fellows

Dr. Sarah Aarons

University of Michigan
Doctor of Geology, 2016

Dr. Sarah Aarons has conducted ice core research with a focus in isotope geochemistry, climate change, and paleoclimate. Her previous research used variations in the composition of aerosols (dust, sea salt) preserved in the ice core record to infer variations in the hydrologic cycle, land use change, anthropogenic input, wind trajectories, dominant climate systems, and sea-ice extent. Her current project aims to use sulfur isotopes in the ice core record to reconstruct marine biological activity, atmospheric conditions, and how these vary during major climate transitions. This research may distinguish the sources of climate forcers, and how these forcers interact and fluctuate on glacial-interglacial timescales. She recently completed a Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Michigan. Prior to that, she earned a masterís degree from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science from Stanford University. In an effort to increase the number of Native Americans in STEM fields, she has participated as a graduate student instructor in a residential summer institute for Native high school students at the University of California, Irvine led by one of her mentors Dr. Kathleen Johnson.

Chancellor’s ADVANCE Postdoctoral Fellowship Research Topic:
Sulfur isotopes in ice cores: A tracer of atmospheric conditions during major climate changes

Dr. Kathleen Johnson and Dr. Eric Saltzman

Department, School:
Department of Earth System Science; School of Physical Sciences

Download Dr. Aarons’ CV(pdf)


Dr. Tayloria N.G. Adams

Michigan Technological University
Doctor of Chemical Engineering, 2014

Dr. Tayloria Adams graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with bachelorís degrees in Chemical and Life Science Engineering and Applied Mathematics. After completing her undergraduate education, she received the National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Sciences (GEM) Fellowship and attended Michigan Technological University (MTU) where she earned a M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. Her doctoral research examined human mesenchymal stem cellsí dielectric behavior for cell sorting in microfluidic devices. She published 3 peer-reviewed journal publications from her graduate work and also filed a patent for a handheld dielectrophoresis device to analyze blood samples. In addition to research, while at MTU Dr. Adams was actively involved with the Center for Diversity and Inclusion and worked as Outreach Coordinator. In this role she provided underrepresented minority students academic support through a tutoring program she developed. Dr. Adams is committed to helping increase diversity in STEM as well as advancing stem cell research, which motivated her decision to join Dr. Lisa Flanaganís lab as a postdoctoral researcher at UCI. Here she studies the dielectric and differentiation properties of neural stem and progenitor cells for stroke therapeutics using microfluidic technology. Dr. Adams is active in a variety of professional organizations including the National Society of Black Engineers, the Society of Women Engineers (2016-2018 SWE Magazine Editorial Board), and the AES Electrophoresis Society (2017 Annual Meeting Organizer).

Chancellor’s ADVANCE Postdoctoral Fellowship Research Topic:
Novel separation of neural lineage cells to determine progenitor cell characteristics

Dr. Lisa Flanagan

Department, School:
Department of Neurology; School of Medicine

Download Dr. Adams’ CV (pdf)

• Visit Dr. Adams’ website: www.linkedin.com/in/TayloriaAdamsPhD


Dr. Lee Cabatingan

The University of Chicago
Doctor of Anthropology, 2015

Dr. Lee Cabatingan has conducted extensive ethnographic research in Cuban and Anglophone Caribbean courts, including long term fieldwork at a newly established regional tribunal in Trinidad & Tobago, where she analyzed the Court’s complex relationship to region-formation. In her current project, Dr. Cabatingan seeks to explore how public debates over race, crime, and (under)development in Trinidad challenge classic theories of sovereignty. She hopes that this research will lead to a rethinking of the relationship between law and sovereignty and allow for a globally southern perspective to find a voice amongst predominantly globally northern theories. Dr. Cabatingan received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Chicago, where she held a Mellon Foundation Fellowship during her final year. Prior to that, she worked as a litigator in San Francisco after receiving a J.D. from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. She earned her A.B. from Princeton University.

Chancellor’s ADVANCE Postdoctoral Fellowship Research Topic:
Redefining Sovereignty: Race, Crime and Discourses of (Under)Development in Trinidad & Tobago

Dr. Mona Lynch

Department, School:
Department of Criminology, Law, and Society; School of Social Ecology

Download Dr. Cabatigan’s CV (pdf)

• Visit Dr. Cabatingan’s website: https://uci.academia.edu/lcabatin


Dr. Constance Iloh

University of Southern California
Doctor of Philosophy in Urban Education Policy, 2015

Dr. Constance Iloh is an education scholar committed to advancing understanding of the changing landscape of higher education and its impact on underrepresented students. Her research addresses two primary areas: (1) privatization in higher education, and (2) equity, access, and the experiences of underserved students in postsecondary education. Iloh has published several research articles focusing on student experiences and institutional practices at for-profit universities and community colleges. Most recently, she published a study on for–profit and community college choice in Teachers College Record. She earned a master’s degree in business management from Wake Forest University and a PhD in urban education policy from the University of Southern California, Rossier School of Education. Prior to notification of her selection as a UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Iloh was offered and accepted a position as an assistant professor of higher education at the University of California, Irvine School of Education. As a result of receiving the prestigious UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Program Fellowship, she will delay her faculty appointment for one year.
In addition to maintaining a productive research agenda, Iloh’s expertise has been sought after in numerous scholarly and policy arenas. She has served as an invited speaker for the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, the Hammer Museum, the Institutional Design Frontiers Summit, the Education Credit Management Corporation, the African American Policy Forum, and numerous colleges and universities. Iloh has also been quoted and had her research featured in popular outlets such as The Chronicle of Higher Education, National Public Radio (NPR), Inside Higher Ed, and Diverse Issues in Higher Education – who headlined her as a "Higher Ed Powerhouse." Dr. Iloh’s research, publications, and media can be found on her website: www.constanceiloh.com.

Chancellor’s ADVANCE Postdoctoral Fellowship Research Topic:
When Higher Education Grows Up: Towards a New Understanding of College Pathways for Adult Students

Professor Jacquelynne Sue Eccles

Department, School:
Department of Education; School of Education

Download Dr. Iloh’s CV (pdf)

• Visit Dr. Iloh’s website: www.constanceiloh.com

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